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REMEMBER: The deadline for the Stage 2 Consultations is SUNDAY 30th DECEMBER 2018
***Please can you spread the word of these proposals to everyone you know within the borough and all of your neighbours***

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Welcome Suttoners!!

I first threw this website together to display the results of my parking survey, however it has progressed onto a borough wide information site to provide quick fire general information on the Sutton Council Parking Proposals. As well as highlighting the fact that so many people with proposals in their road has found out not via the council, but via the Controlled Parking Residents Forum - London Borough of Sutton

Stage 2 - The Consultations

Look through the information on here & the information Sutton Council has given you...

If you are for or against having parking restrictions in your road it does not matter. Please take the time to fill out the Consultation as a no response means a yes for the council!! 

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Disclaimer: I have made every effort to make the information on this website as complete and accurate as possible, if I have made a mistake I cannot be held responsible in any way. The purpose of this site is to inform you of the infomation that I have collected together, nothing more. We can then make an informed decision when we fill in our consultation. I have gone around to all of the roads at the times stated on the Spreadsheets, I have also collected infomation from various planning applications which are freely available online. I have used data from only government/council/mayors office websites & the meeting itself.